Mission Motherhood: Improving Maternal Health Globally


This morning, I was woken up by the cry of my nine-year-old daughter Sophia. She had a nightmare and was scared, and wanted to sleep with me. I brought her in my bed and covered her up, holding her hand tenderly in mine while she fell back asleep. Her warm body cuddled up next to mine and I watched her, enjoying this moment of great tenderness and love. She slept so peacefully yet I was so overwhelmed with love that I could not fall back asleep. Instead I just laid there, looking at her angelic face. I would do anything for my two children, my love is so incredibly deep. The greatest gift of my life is them.

I have written extensively about maternal health on my blog because as a mother I realize how fortunate I am to have received amazing pre and post-natal care and a safe birth of my two children. Unfortunately…

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