Winter in Lapland…

Life as we see it..


My dear friends , first of all I wish you a very happy, bright, successful and peaceful new year, wherever in world you are. I know may be I am little late to say that, but I believe,there is no specific time for spreading love 😀

I am spending this new year in Swedish Lappland, one of my favourite part of the world. I have been here in summer, but lappish winter is my first, and I am enjoying it.


The winter is hard in Norrbotten county, specially in Kiruna. Almost always it is snowing, and you cannot go anywhere. Most of the time you have to stay home and watch TV. Working hour is reduced to 6 hours. .

DSC_6016DSC01931 copy

One morning, I saw through my balcony, three elks are going through the snow covered field. To have a good look, I bring my camera and zoomed in and clicked the photo… O gosh……

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