Christmas cooking..

Life as we see it..


May be it is a little late for sharing this post , but better late than never. This christmas we had all home made food and  I tried my first turkey recipe.It went well and so did the “Hoki fisk”. I will share the recipes in short. All servings here are for two, so you can modify the amounts according to your family.


DSC_5914 Garlic Pasta

In the morning we went for some pasta. So here is the recipe:

Garlic pasta: 

Ingredients: Pasta 300 gm, onion 1 large, tomato 1 large,yellow  bell pepper : 1/2 of a large pepper, ( you can use  red and green also to make it colourful), garlic 2 cloves, green chilli one, parmesan cheese 20 gm, eggs 2, oil, salt, red chill powder, taco hot sauce  and pepper according to taste.

Method: Boil the pasta but be careful they do not become sticky, make them dry…

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